Beard Itch

So you've decided to grow a long beard... You probably have heard from countless others and possibly dealt with the infamous beard itch. One thing for certain is it can become almost unbearable that you want to shave it off. Well good news is that these days we have more of an understanding of how to cure that issue. So what is causing the annoyance and to how to remedy the issue so you can get to those beard gains you want. 
Step One- Clean your beard and these are the steps we recommend.
Use a beard wash not your dad Irish Spring. Beard wash is formulated not to irritate your skin and be gentle on the hair. If you have really sensitive skin you can always use water. What we would recommend doing if that is the case is brush your beard to breakaway the dead skin and debris from your skin and rinsing thoroughly with warm water.
Step Two- Condition your beard once it is all nice and clean. A specialized conditioner will soften your beard right up. It will help replace the proper nutrients and also moisturize your hair.